Monday, January 4, 2010

and then i wake up in candy land...

im kinda imagine a boy that is waking up in a small room but fullfilled with a sweet glaze of vanilla,then the blanket have a warm temperatURE but he wakes up,and hes not in his house,hes awake but in a dream,and then the walls are made of lil cubes of he walks he realize his temperature its not normal,because hes starting to feel super good and full of happiness,wanna smile,wanna run and make lil nothing cares..

then he see a small nougat door as he grabs the handle he feels a sticky gooey sensation its caramel melted..

then he see lots of nuts with cinnamon powder in the floor laughing crazily he can see the small eyes in the nuts...
he take the next handle of the door and now he feel cold its a minty cold sensation now..

he see his hand and its red white painted,oily and fresh..then he sees flying leafs of mint around the room ..they spray him and he smile confidently

do you wanna know what he sees in the next door?

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