Tuesday, October 27, 2009



My biggest problem was always money. Starting with $300 is not a good business plan. I always had to do extra design jobs just to keep my company going for the first 10 years. I reinvested every penny I made back into the business. There were times after I paid my employees that I didn't even have enough money for a subway token, and I would have to walk to my office in the Garment Center. In those early years, I was often offered magazine editing positions, but I had to remain steadfast about being a fashion designer. I wanted my own thing, and I resisted anything that would take me off that path. You have to have an incredible focus. That is one of the big keys to success. There are sacrifices and tradeoffs that you have to make along the way. But you have to decide for yourself what's more important.

People are attracted to my fashions because of all the elements I try to put into it -- There's always a very sweet feminine, girly aspect…a touch of nostalgia. There’s also the aspect of trendiness; the hipness I try to create by always adding a rock-and-roll coolness. There's always that ambiguity…the Good Girl/Bad Girl thing. All these facets have to go into my designs, or it doesn't look like “Anna Sui”. Every product I put my name on has to personify the "World of Anna Sui". When a customer buys a tube of lipstick, it should give them the same excitement as buying a dress from my collection. If it doesn’t, then I'm not really doing my job.

One of my favorites designers,she puts courage and fierce in every little piece of her own business..she never give up,even when the beginning was hard,and she was surrounded by pressure and without capital,shes my truly inspiration.

a Women of strength,with confidence and developing a lifestyle
Viva Anna Sui!

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