Thursday, October 15, 2009



2 Eggs
1 Can Of Condensed Milk
1 Philadelphia Cream Chesse

1 Cup of Ricotta or Brie Cheese
The Juice From One Lemon
2 Spoons Of Vanilla Extract
5 Spoons of cranberry relish or jam :)
2 tbspoons of orange zest

For The Crust

You Can Use One Premade
Or Mix 1 Cup Of Crushed Cookies (Sugar Cookies,Ginger Cookies If You Want Add A Spicy Touch,Or Shortbread Will Be Good To If You Don’t Have Any Options)
And Add Half Bar Of Melted Butter
Fill a the mold is better if you have one springform with clasps.
Mix It And Bake It For 8 Minutes At 300F.take out when its slightly golden.

Blend Cream Cheese ,and Ricotta With , Vanilla,And Lemon Juice.
Add Eggs, One At A Time And Mix Well.
Add The Can Of Condensed Milk.Check the consistency of the mix must be creamy and lil thick.
Pour On Top Of The Crust And Spread the half mix

bake for 15 minutes and then add the layer of cranberry :0
then add the other half of the mix.
I Usually Bake At 350f For 28 Minutes Or When You Insert A Small Knife And Comes Out Clean.
you can decorate when its cold with strawberry glaze and fresh fruit or if you prefer with any marmalade and the the fresh fruit on the top too.
or with caramel and sprinkled nuts


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  1. Oh my goodness cranberry cheesecake!? I have NEVER heard of that! I would sooo love to try it. But I don't bake..:( I only have a microwave. Make me microwavable mix please!! :)